Nutritional Science Days (voormalig NWO Voeding)

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Nutritional Science Days 2021

Next year’s Dutch Nutritional Science Days are planned for October 7 and 8. Save the date!

NSD 2020

The Dutch Nutritional Science Days at Kapellerput planned for October 1 and 2 2020 were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the Foppe Ten Hoor competition still took place online on Thursday, October 1st. Three nominated researchers presented and defended their work in a Zoom meeting. Fifty NSD participants joined the competition online.

The winner of the Foppe ten Hoor competition 2020 was

Lea Tischmann

Many congratulations for Lea and her supervisors: Peter J. Joris, Tanja C. Adam and Ronald P. Mensink.

NSD 2019

The Nutritional Science Days 2019 were held on October 3rd and 4th in Heeze


This year’s meeting was organized at the Kapellerput, Heeze, a location where we find the right atmosphere for our meeting.

NAV lecture:

Astrid Postma-Smeets from “Het Voedingscentrum” provided the yearly NSD lecture (October 3rd) with the title:

‘Communicating nutrition science to the public: how to get your message across’



Aim of Nutritional Science Days

The aim of this yearly meeting is to provide a platform for junior scientists and PhD students to present new, unpublished results of their scientific work. Subjects that fall within the scope of the meeting include nutritional epidemiology, preclinical and clinical human nutrition research, and molecular nutrition. In view of this multidisciplinary approach, the meeting provides an excellent opportunity for networking, inspiration and maintaining existing collaborations and friendships between Dutch nutrition science groups. Since the meeting is about sharing of knowledge, senior scientists active in nutritional science in the Netherlands are strongly encouraged to have one or more of their PhD student present their work at this meeting.

As new – unpublished – work is presented during these meetings, no abstracts are available or published. The atmosphere of the meeting is sharing novel information in a secure setting.


The meeting is divided into several sessions consisting of a number of short presentations. These sessions are chaired by our junior colleagues. Examples of session topics from previous years include: ‘energy balance and postprandial metabolism’, ‘proteins, lipids and cardiovascular disease’, ‘appetite and satiation’ , ‘protein metabolism’, ‘dietary patterns, diet quality and guidelines’, ‘clinical nutrition’, and ‘public health nutrition’. The session topics are based on the submissions received.

On Thursday afternoon, a keynote lecture is ususally presented by an (inter)nationally renowned scientist under the auspices of the Young NAV.

Highlight of the meetings is the competition on Thursday evening, for the coveted Foppe ten Hoor award. Three talented young researchers nominated by the Foppe ten Hoor committee based on submitted abstract and CV will present and defend their research for a critical audience. The winner will receive the prestigious Foppe ten Hoor award for young nutrition scientists. We specifically ask senior scientists to encourage their junior scientist to apply for the ‘Foppe ten Hoor’ young investigator award.


The language of the meeting is always English. Presentations should last 10 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for questions.


If you are a nutritional scientist and wish to be informed about these meetings, please send an email to info[at]


This meeting is organized independently of any organization. The registration fees are sufficient to cover all costs and no sponsors are involved.


 NAV lecture NSD dagen 2014-2019

Dr. Astrid Postma: “Communicating nutrition science to the public: how to get your message across”
NAV lecture 2019
Dr. Michiel de Boer: “What’s in a p-value? Why researchers are just normal humans”
NAV lecture 2018
Prof John Mathers: “Is personalised nutrition the route to better public health?’.
NAV lecture 2017
Prof Edith Feskens: “From science in transition to….”.
NAV lecture 2016
gerda_feunekes_VC_250 Download the presentation of Gerda Feunekes,
NAV lecture 2015
M geleijnse Download the presentation of Marianne Geleijnse,
NAV lecture 2014