Nominations Open for Scientific Committee of FENS 2023

Dear FENS Member Society
You will be pleased to hear that the FENS Board has begun preparations for the 2023 FENS Conference in Belgrade. The theme of the conference is “Food, Nutrition and Health: Translating science into practice “. The conference will include scientific symposia on 10 broad “tracks”. The 10 tracks are:

  • Nutrition across the life course
  • Nutrition, metabolism and chronic diseases
  • Dietary studies, guides and recommendations
  • New technologies in nutrition research
  • Personalized nutrition
  • Nutrition and the environment, sustainability and diversity
  • Food science
  • Bioactive compounds from the diet
  • Nutrition education, consumers and practitioners
  • Cultural, societal and behavioural aspects of diet and nutrition

Each track will require around 4 symposia (therefore about 40 symposia in total). Some of these will be suggested by member societies, sister societies and other academic organisations, NGOs, EU consortia etc. However FENS itself will need to organise and host perhaps 20 of these symposia as well as overseeing the scientific quality of the others. The Board would like to fully involve member societies in this. Therefore the Board invites you to nominate scientists from within your society who are expert in these areas in order to form the scientific committee that will identify topics and speakers for symposia within each track.

Please send your nominations (name, university, email address, up to 5 key words of expertise, which track being nominated for) to the NAV secretariat ( before 20 March.
The NAV board will nominate only one researcher for any one track. You may consider nominating relevant early career researchers.

Thank you and best wishes
Philip Calder
FENS President
Sladjana Sobajic
FENS President-Elect
President FENS 2023