Inez Trouwborst wins Foppe ten Hoor price 2022

During the Nutritional Science Days on October 6th 2026, Inez Trouwborst of Maastricht University won the Foppe ten Hoor price 2022. The title of her presentation was: “Precision nutrition by modulating dietary macronutrients according to tissue-specific insulin resistance phenotypes improves cardiometabolic health: the randomized PERSON study“.


The runners up of the competition were:
Kevin Nijssen (Maastricht University): “Longer-term mixed nut consumption improves brain function and memory: Results of a randomized, controlled, crossover trial in older adults.” and Josine Stuber (Amsterdam UMC): “Real-life effects of nudging and pricing strategies in the supermarket to promote healthy diets: the Supreme Nudge parallel cluster-randomized controlled trial.