Sophie Rietveld MSc

Naam: Sophie Rietveld

Werkgever: Amsterdam UMC

Functie: Dietitian


LinkedIn: Mijn LinkedIn profiel


Absorptie, Eiwitten, Kanker, Klinisch onderzoek, Lichaamssamenstelling, Maag, lever, darm, Ondervoeding, Personalized nutrition, Statistiek, Veroudering, Vertering, Verzadiging, Voedingsinname / dietary assessment, Voedingsstoffen

Meer informatie:

I am Sophie Rietveld, dietitian and nutrition scientist. Nutrition intrigues me because of the diversity, but my preference is malnutrition in cancer and body composition. With great enthusiasm I work in the oncological surgical department at the Amsterdam UMC hospital. The nice thing about working as a dietitian, besides being a food scientist, is being able to contribute to apply science in practice by optimizing patient care.

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