Dr.Ir. Sander Biesbroek

Voornaam: Sander

Achternaam: Biesbroek

Werkgever: Wageningen University

Functie: Post-doc

Website: http://www.wur.nl

E-mailadres: sander.biesbroek@wur.nl

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/sander-biesbroek

Expertise: Duurzaamheid, Epidemiologie - observationeel, Volksgezondheid

My current research is mainly focused on the topic of sustainable and healthy nutrition. Currently European food consumption and production is responsible for an estimated 20-30% of total greenhouse gas emission (GHGE). A ‘Western’ dietary pattern, high in energy and animal-derived products creates a significant environmental burden as well as adverse public health consequences such as obesity, diabetes, and related health care costs.

We need a better understanding of the links between environmental aspects of food production, consumption and human health. In addition, a more in depth evaluation of potential strategies to guide populations towards consuming a healthier yet environmental sustainable diet is needed.

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