Sander Biesbroek MSc

Voornaam: Sander

Achternaam: Biesbroek

Werkgever: RIVM

Functie: Phd-student




Expertise: Duurzaamheid, Epidemiologie - observationeel, Voedingsinname / dietary assessment, Volksgezondheid

My current research is mainly focused on the topic of sustainable and healthy nutrition. Currently European food consumption and production is responsible for an estimated 20-30% of total greenhouse gas emission (GHGE). A ‘Western’ dietary pattern, high in energy and animal-derived products creates a significant environmental burden as well as adverse public health consequences such as obesity, diabetes, and related health care costs.

We need a better understanding of the links between environmental aspects of food production, consumption and human health. In addition, a more in depth evaluation of potential strategies to guide populations towards consuming a healthier yet environmental sustainable diet is needed.

This research is carried out as part of RIVM Strategic Programme (SPR). With this programme RIVM is contributing to the development of expertise and innovative research projects, to prepare RIVM for questions that may arise in future.

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