Dr. Ir. Rick Schifferstein

Naam: Rick Schifferstein

Werkgever: TU Delft

Functie: Associate Professor

Website: https://delftdesignlabs.org/food-design/

LinkedIn: Mijn LinkedIn profiel


Consumentenonderzoek, Duurzaamheid, Preventies, Sensoriek, Voedingsgedrag

Meer informatie:

After graduating in Wageningen in 1988, I did my PhD on taste perception and continued with sensory and consumer research at the Marketing & Consumer Behaviour Group at WUR. In 2000, I transferred to the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, where I have been working on multisensory perception, enhancing product experiences and experience-driven innovation.

Since 2017 I am trying to connect designers with the world of nutrition, food science, and culinary arts through the projects of the Food & Eating Design Lab. The topics vary widely, including stimulating healthy eating, improving dining experiences, connecting people through food, reducing environmental impact, and trustworthy packaging design.

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