Nick Wezenbeek MSc

Voornaam: Nick

Achternaam: Wezenbeek

Werkgever: Wageningen Universiteit

Functie: Promovendus ProMuscle in de Praktijk




Expertise: Afvallen, Eiwitten, Epidemiologie - interventie, Epidemiologie - observationeel, Lichaamssamenstelling, Methodiek, Ondervoeding, Overgewicht & obesitas, Preventies, Sport, Statistiek, Veroudering, Voedingsprofielen / Nutrient profiling, Volksgezondheid, Ziektes en levensfases

I am passionate about practice oriented scientific research on improving quality of life and public health by means of dietary-, physical activity or lifestyle interventions (preferably a combination). I take special interest in strategies to prevent decline in muscle strength and physical functioning in elderly and diseased people. I currently work at Wageningen University as a PhD candidate in the ProMuscle in Practice project. In this study we investigate the effect of a combined strenght training and nutritional intervention on multiple parameters of fysical function, quality of life and health care use. 

In accordance with my scientific interests, I have expertise as (personal) fitness trainer, with focus on elderly people. I really like the challenge to help people with re-gaining basic muscle strenght, and muscle function, but also to regain trust in their own ability. It really makes my day when I see people flourish after a series of training sessions, especially when people tell those training sessions effect their abilities in daily activities.

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