Prof. Dr. Jogchum Plat

Naam: Jogchum Plat

Werkgever: Maastricht University, Department of Nutrition and Movement Sciences, NUTRIM

Functie: Hoogleraar Fysiologie van de Voeding


LinkedIn: Mijn LinkedIn profiel


Biomarkers, Functionele voedingsmiddelen, Hart- en vaatziekten, Klinisch onderzoek, Maag, lever, darm, Personalized nutrition, Vetten, Weerstand / Immuunsysteem

Meer informatie:

Jogchum Plat, PhD (Nutritionist) is professor Physiology of Nutrition at Maastricht University within the research school NUTRIM and as a nutritionist registered at the Dutch Academy of Nutrition Sciences (NAV) of which he was elected chair from 2013-2016. From 2015 he is chair of the department of Nutrition and Movement Sciences at the Maastricht University.

His research focuses in exploring possibilities to modify disease risk by means of nutritional interventions and to understand the mechanisms underlying these effects at a molecular level. His main interest is cholesterol metabolism, cardiovascular diseases, the metabolic syndrome, NASH and other immunological diseases. He published >180 papers. His research is funded via several prestigious national grants like NWO VENI, NWO-TOP, and STW grants, and in addition several industrial grants. He is involved in 8 patent applications.

Belangenverklaring/ Disclosure

  1. Income: University of Maastricht.
  2. Funding of research: Dutch Research Council (NWO), The Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMW), Applied & Engineering Sciences (STW), The Dutch Topsector for Life Sciences & Health (TKI-LSH), The Californian Almond Foundation, Alliance for Potato Research & Education, EzCol, Newtricious, BASF, RAISIO, Upfield, Unilever, and Rousselot.
  3. Payed travel and conference lectures: Unilever, Raisio, BASF, and Upfield.
  4. Board and advisory functions: Chair Department Nutrition and Movement Sciences (2015 – current); Division leader researchschool NUTRIM, Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiovascular health (2020 –current); Former Chair NAV (2013-2016)
  5. Role in foundations: Secretary of the Board Nutrition in Transition (NIT), Chair of the supervisory board from FIVES.
  6. Payed and unpayed consultancies: nothing to declare
  7. Owner company, stock, patents: nothing to declare.
  8. Memberships: NAV, American Society for Nutrition, European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS), European Network for Oxysterols Research (ENOR)
  9. Other interests: nothing to declare.
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