Dr. Canan Ziylan

Naam: Canan Ziylan

Werkgever: Hogeschool Rotterdam

Functie: Researcher/Lecturer

Website: http://www.cananziylan.nl

LinkedIn: Mijn LinkedIn profiel


Consumentenonderzoek, Eiwitten, Ondervoeding, Preventies, Veroudering, Voedingsgedrag, Voedingsinname / dietary assessment, Volksgezondheid

Meer informatie:

I am a researcher who loves doing (nutritional) health research with older adults while educating others about it.

Applied research is about finding the balance between evidence-based research and real life, a challenge that is always taken for a good reason. For me, that reason is to improve health, well-being, and quality of life. You’re always welcome to contact me about any of these topics.

Currently I’m working as a researcher within Research Centre Innovations in Care and as a lecturer within the Bachelor of Nursing, both at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

  1. Income: Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.
  2. Funding of research: ZonMw, SIA, European Commission Horizon2020.
  3. Paid travel and conference lectures: Gemeente Rotterdam, Gemeente Apeldoorn, BSL.
  4. Board and Advisory functions: Samen Sterk Ondernemen.
  5. Role in foundations: Stichting Wetenschap Balans.
  6. Paid and unpaid consultancies: Nothing to declare.
  7. Owner company, stocks, patents: Care for Nutrition.
  8. Memberships: NAV, NVG-KNOWS.
  9. Other interests: Nothing to declare.
    Updated February 2023
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