The Academy, founded in mid-2003, is a platform of scientifically trained nutritionists in the Netherlands and has over 340 members.

The Academy aims to further improve the quality of the applied and basic nutritional sciences, to promote multi-disciplinary cooperation and to strengthen the (inter) national contacts in the field.

Given the importance of nutrition for public health, the Academy aims to get an authoritative say in government, business, funding institutions, consumer organizations and other stakeholders in nutrition.

The website provides detailed information on the various activities of the Academy, including the procedure for the registration as nutritional scientist. The website also serves as an interactive medium for questions, opinions and discussions.


Dr. Karin van het Hof
President NAV Board (from June 2020)

Becoming a member

The language used in NAV meetings is usually Dutch, although occasionally English is used too. If you want to become a member and you do not speak Dutch, please contact the secretariat.

The NAV network

The members of the NAV work in many different places; for example, education (colleges and universities), hospitals, research institutes, food companies, and many others such as the government, SMEs, charities, public information. The animation below shows the network of NAV:


What’s Nutritional Science ??

Nutritional Science is a multidisciplinary science in the field of nutrition and health. ThisĀ  includes: physiology; epidemiology; biochemistry; dietetics; chemistry, microbiology, food technology; toxicology (food safety); behavioral sciences, health policy (politics) legislation.

A nutritional scientist is a person who has a university degree, trained to perform research and to assess research outcome in the field of nutrition and health. Only nutritional scientists can be registered as a member of the NAV.