Retirement Prof. Frans Kok

15 October 2015 symposium and farewell address

On the 15th of October 2015, Prof. Frans J. Kok will retire as professor and head of the Division of Human Nutrition at Wageningen University.
On that occasion the Division is planning a one-day international symposium:

Nutritional Sciences: The Future is Ours

Keynote speakers include a.o.:

  • Walter Willett – Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition, Harvard University
  • Anna Lartey – Director Nutrition Division FAO, President IUNS
  • Jos Engelen – Chair Governing Board NWO
  • Louise Fresco – President of the Executive Board Wageningen UR
  • Dick Boer – CEO Ahold

A sightseeing tour to our new building Helix is organized and the symposium will be followed by the farewell address.

The festivities are on invitation only and registration is required.
If you haven’t received an official invitation, and you would like to join the festivities, please contact Gea Brussen.
+31 317 483758

Date: 15-10-2015 - 15-10-2015
Time: All day
Location: Orion building, Wageningen Campus
Address: City: Wageningen
Country: Netherlands
Location URL: