Nutritional Leadership Workshop: ENLP meets Young NAV

On Friday February 10 2017, ENLP Netherlands Local Circles (the Dutch local circle of the ENLP network of leaders in nutrition in Europe) and Young NAV teamed up to organize an afternoon session on Nutrition Leadership issues with network opportunities.

The afternoon was organized in close cooperation with Ronald Berentsen (owner of ‘trainingsbureau BCT’, specialized in the development of leadership- and competence training). It covered Preparation and Communication skills and was open to everyone who’s interested in gaining insight in nutrition leadership. 30 enthousiastic professionals attended.


The goal of this workshop was to provide an introduction to leadership-related topics. In close collaboration with Trainingbureau BCT, we chose to focus on preparation and communication skills during this afternoon, and we ended the session with a social get-together.

Preparation and communication skills apply to the organization of every single project, which make them essential for everyone. The workshop started with a brief introduction to leadership skills, followed by the presentation of a case that was the basis for clarifying the preparation and communication skills touched upon during the introductory talk of the workshop. The case that was described was a nutrition-related topic, in which participants were asked to write a project proposal from the viewpoint of a pre-defined angle (either from a scientific, industry, government or consumer point of view). Obviously, it seems impossible to write a proposal within just one afternoon. However, this approach showed clearly which preparation and communication skills are important in acquiring ideas on how to tackle the problem that was stated in the case. This became even more evident during the plenary discussion.

We enjoyed organizing the workshop and observing the growing enthusiasm that turned confusion into valuable output and improved skills. We appreciated the feedback that was brought up by all participants at the end of the workshop, which we will take along in the organization of a subsequent event. Our aim is to turn this event into an annual get-to-together of NAV and ENLP members to exchange knowledge and extend networking opportunities related to nutritional leadership. For more information, please contact Gerda (, Hanne (, Marieke ( or Sanne (

Date: 10-02-2017 - 10-02-2017
Time: 14:30 - 18:00
Location: Vrije Universiteit
Address: City: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands
Location URL: